Driven Season 1(2018)

8.5 力荐

分类:未知 美国  2018 

主演:Casey Deidrick Olivia Grace Applegate 

导演:Tosca Musk 

Kristy Bromberg/Joany Kane


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Plot Summary:Colton Donavan lives on that razor-thin edge toward out of control. Whether it's on the track or off of it, everything he wants is at his fingertips: success, willing women, media attention. Everything that is, but Rylee. She's the exception this reckless bad boy can't seem to win over. Her heart is healing. His soul is damaged. They both know the two of them could never work. But he crashes into her life without apology-disrupting her world, testing her boundaries, and uncovering the darkness of her past. Their chemistry is undeniable. Their attraction is magnetic. Their ability to help each other heal obvious. And even though he won't let her in, there's something about Colton she can't walk away from. This is the beginning of their story. Their fight. Their perfectly imperfect love.


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